We are a group of MIT students and alumni that are dedicated to building high performance combat robots of all shapes and sizes.

Our robots range from 1lb antweights to 250lb heavyweights and compete in competitions across the United States. Our most recent endevour, Uppercut, competed on BattleBots last April.

The Final Stretch!

The front half of our robot appeared practically overnight thanks to its welded construction. The “overnight” part, of course, is literal - our welder doesn’t sleep. [Read More]

The Butt Is Flying Fast

We decided to get our robot running without its front half as a sanity check. This involved a lot of cardboard, duct tape, and electronics stuffing. [Read More]

The Butt Takes Flight

After a very excessive amount of tapping, our butt finally holds its own shape! It isn’t very exciting when it’s empty, though. [Read More]

The Butt

Some parts of our butt were impractical to machine on our HAAS, so we machined them on the HAAS anyways. [Read More]