Behind every good robot is a better team. Uppercut is being built by a dedicated group of students and alumni from MIT with help from the Combat Robotics club. Our members have built everything from 1lb featherweight robots to 250lb monsters.

The Team

Alex Hattori

Alex is a mechanical engineer in his senior year. When he isn't leading the team or working on robotic actuators, he's winning yoyo competitions and abusing our local CNC mill.

Mason Massie

Mason is a mechanical engineer in his junior year. His spare time is mostly dedicated to building silly vehicles, using a MIG as a hot glue gun, and screaming at Alex.

Jackson Gray

Jackson is a sophmore from Arizona that is enthusiastic about power electronics, electric motors, and controls. Above all else, he enjoys turning dumb ideas into silly objects.

Sofia Leon

Sofia is a freshman studying mechanical engineering. She likes robots, photography, and dancing to Latin music.

Jared DiCarlo

Jared likes working on silly projects, like robot arms, gameboy emulators, and electric vehicles. He is a senior and is studying electrical engineering and computer science.

Amy Fang

Amy is a junior at MIT studying mechanical engineering. She likes Cane's sweet iced tea, the color black, and reading biographies.

Sarah Pohorecky

Sarah is a senior studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a focus on embedded systems. She really likes her motorcycle, but can also be found working on silly electric vehicles and robots.

Devansh Agrawal

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Dev is a junior on exchange at MIT from Imperial College London studying AeroAstro. Fascinated by space systems and things that fly, in his free time he enjoys making stupid things.

Chetan Sharma

Chetan enjoys building useless machines and finding increasingly creative ways of injuring himself. This fits well with his motto of "DIY or die trying"